Thursday, January 12, 2012


ARA PLASMA BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System)

Ballast Water is taken on board to achieve the required safe operating conditions, this includes keeping the ship deep enough in the water to ensure efficient propeller and rubber operation and to avoid the bow emerging from the water, expecially in heavy sea.

According to the result of IMO(International Maritime Organization), More than 3~5 billion tons of seawater and 7 thousands of aquatic species are carried in ship's ballast water each year. The introduction and spread of alien invasive species is a serious problem that has ecological, economic, health and environmental impacts, including loss of native biological diversity.

It is mandatory for ships to install Ballast water treatment unit to remove aquatic species and viruses in ballast water by using chemical, Ozone, and electricity.

ARA PLASMA BWTS was developed to prevent movement of marine life, it physically disinfect the marine life in ballast water through three steps, Filter, Plasma, UV module. ARA PLASMA BWTS is composed of three parts, Auto filter, Plasma module and MPUV module sterilization system, they sterilize marine microbes and toxic substances which are prohibited from moving.


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